Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a long-term partnering relationship between the public and private sectors to deliver services. Through PPP, the public sector seeks to bring together the expertise and resources of the public and private sectors to provide services to the public at the best value for money. With PPP as an alternative form of procurement, the public sector will focus on acquiring services at the most cost-effective basis, rather than directly owning and operating assets. There are many possible PPP models, including joint-ventures, strategic partnerships to make better uses of government assets, Build-Operate-Transfer, Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer, and Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer.

We are pioneers in developing projects on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) format for high-value infrastructure projects. CEC has been the biggest investor in World’s largest BOT Railway project, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) which is currently valued at US$ 17 billion. This project comprises of 345 kms of rail track with 8 stations, with a concession period of 35 years for operating this facility. The train runs at a speed of 300 kms per hour and covers the entire Taiwan (North-South) in 85 minutes. This world class facility has changed the life style of people and reduced the number of air traffic passengers.

CEC has also undertaken Tamsuei Area Sewage System BOT Project on 35 years concession period with construction cost of Rs. 432 crores (US$ 108 million) and Operation Cost of Rs. 464 crores (US$ 116 million). This agreement opens a new chapter for BOT projects in Environmental sector.

With successful stories in BOT projects, we are fully equipped to deliver our expertise in forthcoming projects in India.